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  • 4 luxury candle coupon codes and a new fragrance I love ...

4 luxury candle coupon codes and a new fragrance I love ...

I'm back ... for real

Hello hellooooo,

I hope you are enjoying life and staying lit (get it? … lit like a candle?)!

I’ve had aspirations of writing more to my candle fam but the past few months have been crazy. I want to get back on the the horse and try to write monthly - sharing some candle faves, deals and fun news with you all!

Before I start with my May newsletter, I thought why not provide some value first, so here are some discount codes from some of the brands I love and work with (*some are affiliate codes and some are not - the goal is to share them with you in case you were planning on buying a candle anyway and wasn’t a discount - no pressure to use them at all). But first, some fragrance news:

Fragrance (from a candle I love)

Boy Smells just came out with a new genderful fine fragrance based on the Cowboy Kush candle. I wore it on a date … and I felt confident and fun. I hope there’s a second date … I will share more on my IG stories.

Discount Codes


  • P.F. Candle Co - 15% off P.F. Candle Co. - code SIRCANDLEMAN (one use per customer and not for items already on sale)

  • L’or de Seraphine - 15% off L'or de Seraphine - code SIRCANDLEMAN

  • Otherland - 20% off Otherland - code SIRCANDLEMAN20 (one use per customer)

Happy shopping and if there are any other brands you would like codes for, please let me know and I will try to get them. Or if you just want to chat, you can DM me or reply to this email.

Chat soon and stay lit,

Sir Candle Man

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