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My new chapter ... lots of them actually

I did not expect this to happen when I started loving candles

The creator journey is real and … I’m living it!

A few years ago, I posted a video about a candle I loved when I was in Paris.

A few months after that video, I was featured in The Hollywood Reporter as a gift guide curator for holiday candles.

A few months after that, I went viral for posting a video about Rihanna’s new perfume.

Then everything took a surprising turn … I was in The New York Times, The Economist, WWD, House Beautiful, Elle Decor … and even the Rachael Ray Show … all because of my love of candles and how they can light up your life! Wowee!

Then, I launched a candle that sold out in Nordstrom. Who expected that? Not I!

AND NOW, a dream I have always had has come true but I never expected it to happen this way.

Today is my birthday and I’m excited to announce that I will be a published author! My book LET IT BURN: How To Illuminate Your Life With Candles And Fragrance is available October 17, 2023, and available for pre-order now ($19.95). Today is my birthday and the only gift I will ask for on my birthday is for you to pre-order the book.

The book is all about how to illuminate your life and take care of yourself using the magic of candles and fragrance to help create beautiful spaces and moments in your day.

How to buy candles? Building your candle collection? Candle Care 101? Candles for every vibe? Gifting candles? Self-care with candles? I GOT YOU!

Stay lit! Light up your life!

Sir Candle Man

(and THANK YOU for all the support … let’s make this book a success)

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