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The best smelling restroom in LA | Candle Stories & Candle Deals Newsletter Vol. 2

Greetings my candle and fragrance family!

How have you been? Can you believe that September is ending? I mean, the pumpkin spice candles have started so Fall is here! As an aside, can someone tell me why the stores need to go too far and start selling pumpkin scented brooms, pine cones and all that jazz? We’re doing TOO MUCH as a society! Pumpkin spice aside, I’m excited to share this he new candle discoveries I’m loving, recent candle stories, a great PROMO CODE and my must have candle for September in what I’m now calling the “The Lit List. You get it? Lighting a candles, so lit but also “lit” as in cool … my mind 🤯 … jk jk. I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.

Candle Story: the best smelling restroom in LA

Last month I wrote about how I discovered the Au 17 candle by Maison Francis Kurkdjian while vacationing in Paris in 2018. The decadent scent was so good that I had to post about it. Fast forward almost a year later (June 2019) and there I was enjoying a solo self-care early dinner at Petit Trois in LA (a french fare place that is delicious) and I went to the restroom and came across the Hiroko candle by Rukske burning in the corner. I posted about it (here) and wrote this caption:

“Y’all...just came across the most amazing scent in the @petittroisla restroom. I feel like I’m in Paris...speaking French, gulping vin rouge and saying “c’est vrai” randomly. This candle is from @rukske_la! Not sure of the scent but I need to buy it! #candle #candles #luxury #losangelesfood

Clearly I’m obsessed with Paris lol. This candle’s combo of cedarwood (my fave base note), clove, musk and fresh orange did a number on me and any candle that can make a restroom smell amazing is a winner lol. That was the first time I posted an off the cuff story on Instagram about a candle and people enjoyed it. I connected with the founder (hiii Brooke) and the rest is history. This was a content milestone in Sir Candle Man’s journey … authentic sharing became one of my creative pillars (that’s free game right there for those wanting to thrive on social media) … no more flat lay pics, just REAL videos.

Collection: My MUST HAVE CANDLE this month is GORGEOUS

If you’re an early holiday gift shopper, I have just the candle for you! Harlem Candle Company recently released one of my fave scents (Speakeasy) in their new ceramic gold vessels. I am obsessed! I did a livestream with Teri Johnson (founder) which you can watch here and I was one of only 2 early recipients of the candle. It obviously smells amazing (think palo santo, plum, dark chocolate, vanilla, incense all mixed together perfectly...) … think of a fun night where you consider making a bad decision … it’s that. How gorgeous is this vessel:

1. unique and balanced fragrance: 4 out of 5

2. clean burning: 5 out of 5

3. quality vessel: 5 out of 5

Buy here (not an affiliate link).

Candle Deals: 15% OFF L’or de Seraphine

Listen … candles MUST smell good but they should also LOOK great and L’or de Seraphine candle do both! My first candle from the company was the Ares candle (notes of cedarwood, eucalyptus and patchouli) which they sent and I have continued to dabble. I’m currently LOVING Reverie which is holly berry, black currant and pine. Why am I loving the berry note? I’m really trying to push myself to move beyond my woodsy, cozy, leathery notes into some notes that I used to not like such as berry and this one from L’or de Seraphine is awesome. I recently met Dara and Priscilla (founders) and they are the DOPEST! I appreciate their great fragrances but also their embrace of and appreciation for great design. The patterns and color palettes of their vessels are from internationally awarded design houses. Yes to the detail! You too can enjoy a L’or de Seraphine candle … 15% off with code SIRCANDLEMAN (not an affiliate, just sharing).

See you in October.

That’s it for September! Thank you for reading and see you in October :).

Stay lit! - Sir Candle Man

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