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  • The perfect vanilla candle? Yes. This is how we did it ... (exclusive sneak peek)

The perfect vanilla candle? Yes. This is how we did it ... (exclusive sneak peek)

Mission accomplished. Thank you!


I hope you’re having a great weekend. As the year is starting to wind down, I’ve been able to catch my breath and it hit me! WE REALLY DID IT! Let me tell you.

When LAFCO I set out to make our candle, Heart of The Matter (available on LAFCO.com, Amazon, and Bluemercury.com), I wrote in the pitch (one amongst many) about exploring a concept around “what really matters”, “the heart of the fragrance”, “the perfect vanilla fragrance” and I used a draft concept name called “heart of the matter”. Here is an excerpt of the pitch from last year:

I also wanted to capture a grounded but warm and wistful energy. This was the mood board:

Now when people tell me about the candle they actually say “it’s the perfect vanilla candle” which is wild to me because we dreamt it up and then it came true! It takes several months to go from concept to candle so my mind is blown. I am so grateful! If you have bought a candle, I would love to see your reviews. The reviews are amazing:

(side note: watch Rekeema on YouTube - amazing candle reviews)

All of that is to say, thank you for this amazing journey! I hope you get to experience this limited-edition candle.

Here’s to an incredible 2024!

Stay Lit,

Sir Candle Man

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